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The 5 Benefits of Using No Soliciting Signs For Home

by spryzzlemin
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People trying to obtain business orders, advertising, or something else of that nature are often considered door-to-door solicitors. While this is a good way of getting votes or making a sale, a lot of people don’t enjoy strangers knocking on their doors unexpectedly. Whether it’s because people are uncomfortable with a salesperson asking them for something or they are disrupting their work, a “no soliciting” sign can help deter door-to-door sellers.

Why is door-to-door soliciting legal?

Even with all the private property laws we have, door-to-door soliciting is in fact legal in the United States. However, there are regulations regarding door-to-door soliciting, and they are different depending on which state you live in. For instance, charity solicitors usually have to register with the state to legally go door-to-door asking for charitable donations. Door-to-door salesmen, on the other hand, are usually regulated by local ordinances.

Does a No Soliciting sign for your house work?

For the most part, putting up “No Soliciting” signs in your neighborhood or on your house should deter solicitors from knocking on your door. Most cities, counties, and states prohibit solicitors from knocking on your door if a sign is posted. However, not every single solicitor reads “No Solicitors” or “No Trespassing” signs, but the majority likely do see and obey them.

When it comes to the laws around trespassing and if they are considered guilty when a solicitor ignores your “No Soliciting” sign, it really depends on the situation. The law defines trespassing on someone’s land as the “wrongful interference with one’s possessory rights in real property.”

In the end, you shouldn’t get the police involved if a door-to-door solicitor tries to sell you something—even if they ignored your “No Soliciting” sign. The best course of action is to simply say “no thank you” and “could you please not bother this house again.” Only in a case where someone looks suspicious should you contact law enforcement. Suspicious behavior would be someone taking pictures or lingering around your or your neighbors’ property.

In the event that someone does not leave after reading the “No Soliciting” sign and refuses to leave after being asked, trespassing fines and charges can be levied to the individual. For this reason, “No Soliciting” signs work VERY WELL because door-to-door salespeople do not want to incur these fees.

In regards to your state’s local laws, visit ​​https://library.municode.com/ for more information.

How to effectively prevent solicitors from knocking on your door

Especially nowadays, with social distancing as a big priority, using “No Soliciting” signs the right way prevents unwanted human interaction. To ensure door-to-door solicitors see your sign right away, post them on your door, windows, fence, tree, or entranceway.

To get a better idea of where your sign would be most effective, try walking up to your entrance from the street and look for a spot that would get someone’s attention immediately. You also want to post the sign higher up and at eye level. With a clean and clearly written “No Soliciting” sign, solicitors should not be knocking on your front door.

If you have a business, ensure that your signs are posted in public and private areas such as the parking lot and entrances. Now more than ever, preventing unnecessary contact with others is crucial.

Does everyone have to obey a posted No Soliciting sign?

In short, yes! People who don’t leave your property after being asked to leave face trespassing charges and fees. Many states and areas even impose penalties on solicitors that ignore “No Soliciting” or “No Trespassing” signage. That also applies to any other individual that is asked to leave your property, such as those associated with charitable, political, or religious organizations. A verbal or written request is acceptable for asking someone to leave your property.

What if solicitors keep coming?

If solicitors keep coming to your door, you can ask them to politely leave. However, sometimes solicitors are persistent. One course of action you can take is to ask what organization they are representing and call the organization directly. Asking their supervisor for them to stop visiting your house or business should put a stop to the visits.

If you are in an apartment complex, you can always ask the manager of the complex to put up “no soliciting” signs at the entrance and other places where they can be easily seen. You can also talk to your complex manager about flyers or other advertisements that might fill your mailbox daily.

What if you’re part of an HOA?

If you are part of a homeowner’s association (HOA), such as an organization in a subdivision, condominium building, or planned community, you still need to post your own “No Soliciting” sign. That’s because it’s still usually up to the individual to accept or deny door-to-door salespeople or other solicitors. However, there are HOA communities that have gates or closed entrances with a “No Soliciting” sign to keep out unplanned visitors. If you are unsure, ask your HOA.

The Top 5 Benefits of Using A No Soliciting Sign for House

1.   Enjoy fewer distractions

Whether it’s salespeople, charities, religions, or political pollers, unexpected visitors can distract us from enjoying the peace and quiet of our homes. Especially with so many people working from home, solicitors can be a major distraction when trying to focus. By eliminating the need to answer the door and talk to a stranger, people can be more productive or simply enjoy what they are doing more.

2.   Avoid uncomfortable conversations

For a lot of people, it can be uncomfortable to talk to solicitors on their front doorstep. Most people are polite and aren’t sure how to politely say no. By posting a “No Solicitors” sign, you won’t have to go through that uncomfortable process again. Plus, those signs actually help solicitors as well because they don’t have to waste their time with people that aren’t going to buy or sign up for what they’re selling. In a way, it’s a win-win for both parties.

3.   No more disruptions

Sometimes, the ringing of the doorbell or knocking on the door can cause inconvenient disruptions in our everyday lives. For example, it might wake up a sleeping baby during their scheduled nap. Or, a protective dog that might bark when people come to the front door, which can be annoying for dog owners. By posting a sign that keeps solicitors from causing an expected disruption, we can go on about our everyday lives much more easily.

4.   Avoid scammers

Even though most people know what to look for to avoid scams, they still happen. Scammers are usually out in the spring and summer months when the weather is nice and people are home to answer their doors. Scammers also use natural disasters and storms to catch vulnerable people looking for help. With a “No Soliciting” sign, you’ll no longer have to worry about suspicious scammers. If you do end up talking to a solicitor that is selling something at a discount, you can always check in with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) to verify their insurance and license.

5.   Ensure your safety

Scammers and thieves tend to avoid houses that take security seriously. When they see that someone has multiple “No Soliciting” signs, that tells them that you care about your privacy. That also hints to them that you probably take further precautions to ensure your safety and privacy, such as installing live cameras and/or an alarm system. By showing bad actors that you take your privacy seriously, they’ll move on to more vulnerable houses.

The SPRYZZLE No Soliciting Sign Says More

It’s one thing to post a traditional No Soliciting Sign for House that simply says no soliciting in black and white. It’s another to have a sign that encompasses every type of person that might knock on your door and cause distractions and disruptions. With the SPRYZZLE “No Soliciting” sign, you’ll be able to address:

  • No Salespeople
  • No Religion
  • No Politics
  • No Menus
  • No Estimates
  • No Candy
  • No Petitions
  • No Magazines

Even if someone comes up to your door interested in something not on this list, they’ll get the idea that you don’t want them knocking on your door. Plus, with the words, “No Exceptions, No Kidding,” they know exactly who you mean as most solicitation types are covered here. Plus, it comes in a bold color and design so no one will miss it.

Here’s what one buyer had to say about the “No Soliciting” sign from SPRYZZLE:

“We work from home and have dogs so anytime someone would knock they would go crazy and disrupt phone calls. Since getting the sign, not a single person has bothered us!” — Jazzy

If you’re looking for a No Soliciting Sign for House, check out the single sign from SPRYZZLE. If you’re looking to post multiple signs, save 20% when you buy a two-pack of No Soliciting Signs for Home. Our signs don’t rust and are easy to mount with included adhesive.

Are you ready to enjoy fewer distractions and disruptions from solicitors? Shop No Soliciting Signs for Home today!

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